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31 Jan

The little bootcamp that could – student success stories

2016-2017: 23 graduates, 10 lives transformed A year ago we had one workforce program: our pilot 12-week course at SCCC, begun in October 2016, graduated January 2017. From that Fall 2016 cohort of nine, by mid-2017 three had springboarded from limo service, barback, and unemployed status to dream jobs: front end developer, data analyst, digitally empowered business owner. The two who found full time...

30 Nov

Let’s be candid: Carmosky and other TU panelists on why Albany’s Amazon bid became a punchline

The Times Union’s Leadership Luncheon held on November 30, 2017, at the Hearst Media Center, opened with comments from Albany     Can Code Executive Director Janet Carmosky. Her point, which became the theme of the one hour discussion: we have employers, we have educators, we have talent.  The missing magic ingredient: a culture that encourages broad tech literacy.   Other panelists: Heather Briccetti, President and...

26 May

Sources of Inspiration for Albany Can Code

How did this Albany Can Code thing start? Long story with lots of people and parts. One part is: the piece about being a grassroots organization aiming to get non-traditional talent into the pipeline for software careers. We didn’t invent that. Here are some of our sources of inspiration. There’s Code Louisville, organized by the workforce development board...