11 Nov

Veteran Scholarship Program

AlbanyCanCode is committed to aiding our Veterans by providing access to quality training to those wishing to start a new career in the tech sector. We offer a range of classes at differing levels, taught by industry professionals. Local employers visit classes to serve as mentors, and provide valuable networking opportunities. Our staff provides career counseling, resume review, and guidance...

18 Jan

AlbanyCanCode ‘Class of Fall 2018’ Graduation

Students and friends of AlbanyCanCode gathered on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at the SEFCU Headquarters – Dora Maxwell Center for the graduation ceremony of our Fall 2018 Class. We celebrated the hard work of our new graduating Front End Web Development and Javascript Frameworks classes. In addition, they also presented the projects they had been developing for local organizations! It...

17 Jan

Laptop Lending Library

We found that several of our new students were in need of laptops for class. We are determined to make sure that doesn’t stand in the way of their learning! So we have launched the AlbanyCanCode Laptop Lending Library.  We have been fortunate to have one donated that’s ready to be prepared for student use, but we still are in...

why the ducky?
27 May

What’s with the ducky?

Why is the rubber ducky a symbol of the software workplace? Because programming is problem solving, and sometimes, if we just have someone to listen to us talk about the problem, we can hear ourselves speak the answer. Even if that ‘someone’ is a rubber ducky. ...

27 May

How do I know if I can learn this coding stuff?

One answer: start where you are, keep an open mind, and keep trying new ways to learn until you get the hang of it. You will need access to a computer and internet. It is usually helpful to have support from someone who is further along than you – a mentor, buddy, or instructor. Most libraries have books that teach...