08 Sep

What the * do we mean by non-traditional talent?

3 Pieces of the talent training pie We’re all about finding, skilling up & empowering non-traditional talent for regional jobs in technology.  Our regional economy could really use a more vibrant, expert, and inclusive talent pipeline.  It’s a comprehensive thing:  a shift in mindset about who can work in technology, and how we spot and train talent in practical ways. Q. So...

09 Jun

AlbanyCanCode Turns One

Our jam-packed journey – which now features a large, diverse, and expanding cast of characters as well as a growing list of workforce, educational and community development projects  – officially began on June 9, 2016, when I handed a paper form to register a NYS non for profit corporation across a glass divider and into the hands of a government...

26 Aug

From Planning Into Action

August was a month of institution building, planning, and everybody’s family time. Thanks to all of you who have signed up for our mailing list, taken the student survey or the employer survey, or attended one of our events. You are all part of the ecosystem that will start to take shape, beginning in September, and we go into action. For...

why the ducky?
27 May

What’s with the ducky?

Why is the rubber ducky a symbol of the software workplace? Because programming is problem solving, and sometimes, if we just have someone to listen to us talk about the problem, we can hear ourselves speak the answer. Even if that ‘someone’ is a rubber ducky. ...

27 May

How do I know if I can learn this coding stuff?

One answer: start where you are, keep an open mind, and keep trying new ways to learn until you get the hang of it. You will need access to a computer and internet. It is usually helpful to have support from someone who is further along than you – a mentor, buddy, or instructor. Most libraries have books that teach...

26 May

Sources of Inspiration for Albany Can Code

How did this Albany Can Code thing start? Long story with lots of people and parts. One part is: the piece about being a grassroots organization aiming to get non-traditional talent into the pipeline for software careers. We didn’t invent that. Here are some of our sources of inspiration. There’s Code Louisville, organized by the workforce development board...