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If your business hires technologists – front end developers,  back end or full stack developers, database programmers, security analysts, UX specialists,  testers, project managers, technical writers – we want you in our employer advisory council.

AlbanyCanCode is unique in its flexible and responsive culture, and our ecosystem-wide approach. With your participation, individually or as part of a group or employers, we can design curriculum, organize projects, connect mentors and talent. With your support, we’ll do whatever it takes, as long we we’re moving toward a more vibrant, inclusive and expert tech talent pipeline for our region.


Inviting every student into the tech economy.

Our nation is 600,000 technologists short. Our regional economy, with over 100 employers of software and IT professionals, is constrained by a shortage of qualified candidates.

We’re convinced that aptitude is distributed evenly, while opportunity is not. K-12 systems can change that equation where they have the needed tools and cultures.  We’re here to connect: curriculum developers with employer input; teachers with tools; students with theory and practice; everyone with training, resources and support to make sure every student has the opportunity to develop their computational thinking and skills.


We’re changing mindset about who can be a technologist, and creating pathways to connect locat talent to local jobs. Your donation can help.