Front End Web Development

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This 12-week course in Front-End Web Development is structured around tutorials, assignments, and individual and group projects to give students hands-on practice building the pieces of code that determine how an online experience feels, and connect the user experience into the data-crunching processes of the back end.  Through lecture and individual assignments, students will establish solid foundations in key tools of front end developers: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript/jQuery, and collaborative workplace/version control tool Github.

The latter part of the course features team based portfolio-building projects for community organizations, giving students real-world experience in web design and development.

This course may be of particular interest to graphic designers, as it teaches the technical skills necessary for UI (user interface) development and wire-framing. The course may also be attractive to beginning programmers with aspirations to create mobile applications, as it establishes foundations in JavaScript that support eventual progression into Full-Stack Web Development.

This course meets two evenings per week, three hours per session. Occasional labs outside of class meetings will provide further opportunities for mentoring and networking opportunities.


Duration: 12 Weeks Starts: Monday September 10th

Instructor: Cameron Bruhns  TA: Phil Allen (albany Can Code alumnus)

Tuition: $1500.  Financial assistance may be available. Refer to FAQ for details.
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday evenings, 5:45-8:45


Schenectady Community College Albany Extension

2nd Floor, Albany County Office Building, 112 State Street, Albany NY 12207


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