Digital Literacy

About this Course

Are you interested in learning to code, but you don’t feel confident in basic computer skills? Are you looking for a new job in another field and finding that you lack the necessary computer skills to apply?  Students in Albany Can Code’s Digital Literacy course will have a wide range of experiences and competencies, ranging from those who have used a computer frequently in a professional environment, to those who have rarely used a computer and feel very nervous about doing so. This class is intended to meet students wherever they are and help them achieve their own personal goals, whether that is entry into an AlbanyCanCode workforce computer programming courses or other employment opportunities.

The key to Digital Literacy is differentiated learning, ensuring that each student is getting the skills they need and that they are able to move at their own pace. The course will cover basic computer usage skills, a survey of software usage including word processing and spreadsheet use, use and management of email, and using the web to conduct productive internet searches to find reliable information and learning tools. Students who master these skills will move on to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in preparation to take one of our workforce computer programming classes such as Front End Web Development or Automated Web Testing.


Digital Literacy is often offered through local community based organizations as a part of their ongoing programming, some of which open enrollment to the general public. Starting in 2020, a twelve-week Digital Literacy class will be offered alongside our workforce programming classes. If you are interested in taking Digital Literacy, please fill out the information sheet below, and we will let you know when and where the class is next being offered. If you are a community based organization interested in partnering with AlbanyCanCode to offer a Digital Literacy class, please contact

Information Sheet