Automated Web & Security Testing

About this Course

Automated Web Testers do the methodical, patient yet collaborative work of ensuring that revisions and updates to websites and web apps are error-free.

The websites and web apps we use are becoming more complex and dynamic; testing the quality of content and code manually has therefore also become very time intensive. Automated testing is therefore a needed skill for the many website developments, web app development, and software development companies in our region.  In the second portion of the course, students will identify and assess potential website vulnerabilities and exploits and learn about what attacks look like on the back end to assist with prevention and mitigation. Students will be working from a virtual machine to test what these exploits look like to learn how to recognize how to prevent them. The skills and habits practiced in the course are part of the foundation for a career in Web Testing or Cybersecurity.


Instructor: TBD

Start Date: TBD

Dates and Times: 2 nights/week, 3 hours/class

Tuition: $1750. Tuition assistance may be available.

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