JS for the New Back End at SCCC


JavaScript, already the dominant scripting tool for front end development, has been growing its back end developer credentials with increasingly popular back end frameworks (Node.js, Vue.js, and Express.js.)  This course lays out the path from client side JavaScript – ES6, functional programming, and JSX – through the React.js framework and finally, a view into the server side.

Taught by Matina Patsos (web developer for Deep Blue Communications) and Albany Can Code alumnus Jamal Taylor (software engineer at Cengage Learning) this will be a highly interactive and hands-on class. The book Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman will be used as a guidebook for learnin the habits as well as the skills of a successful developer.

Front End Web Development at SCCC


The Front End Developer is the critical link between, on one hand, how an online experience looks and feels, and on the other hand, how all the data that users are entering or searching for is managed.

Front End Developers build the bridges that connect a user to data; and make the difference between a series of ideas and sketches about an app, and the ability to get that app built.

Automated Web Testing at HVCC

Automated Web Testers do the methodical, patient yet collaborative work of ensuring that revisions and updates to websites and web apps are error-free.

The websites and web apps we use are becoming more complex and dynamic; testing the quality of content and code manually has therefore also become very time intensive. Using Selenium and WebDriver, a testing process that would require two weeks of manual checking can be done in minutes. Automated testing is therefore a needed skill for the many website development, web app development and software development companies in our region.  In addition, the skills and habits practiced in the course are part of the foundation for a  career in cyber security.