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If your business hires technologists – front end developers,  back end or full stack developers, database programmers, security analysts, UX specialists,  testers, project managers, technical writers – we want you in our employer advisory council.

AlbanyCanCode is unique in its flexible and responsive culture, and our ecosystem-wide approach. With your participation, individually or as part of a group or employers, we can design curriculum, organize projects, connect mentors and talent. With your support, we’ll do whatever it takes, as long we we’re moving toward a more vibrant, inclusive and expert tech talent pipeline for our region.

Join our quarterly employer roundtables to add your voice to suggestions for improving the regional talent pipeline. Come to our “Albany’s Got Coders!” sessions to peek at and critique the resumes of our students.  Talk to us about onboarding, internships, scholarships and sponsorships …all will help us the intensive and collaborative work of transforming our talent ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AlbanyCanCode?

We are a not-for-profit organization founded in June 2016, dedicated to the vision of a talent-fueled pipeline for our region’s software sector. To build this pipeline, we work with employers, educators, and community organizations to identify, train, and advocate employment of people with the skills to work in software and IT jobs.

The goal is to remove the economic and cultural barriers to working in technology. We want our region to have an inclusive, vibrant, and expert pipeline of technologists. Part of that mission involves changing mindset in our region about who can be a technologist, and how to evaluate candidates for technology jobs.

What does AlbanyCanCode do?

We work locally with talent, educators, and employers to invent new solutions to an entrenched, namely the disconnect between three points:

  • employers who need particular skills;
  • non traditional talent who can build those skills; and
  • local educators who could be teaching those skills.

With employers, we listen. We appreciate informal meetings with developers, CTO’s, HR and strategy management. When we know you better, we can recommend candidates, gather input on curriculum, support your meetups, and connect your staff to volunteer and mentorship opportunities.

In workforce,  we build coding and computer science curriculum for adults; we recruit and screen applicants to find hidden gems in the talent market; we deliver curriculum and workshops that prepare those adult students for technical jobs; we guide our students to them to find the right technical and cultural fit.  About a third of our graduates have broken through salary barriers; some have been hired as apprentice developers, others have increased their pay grade significantly by bringing their new technical skills into their existing careers.

In K12, we work with districts to overcome obstacles to educating a 21st century workforce.  We design and deliver employer panels, teacher training, instructional tools, and in-class support. It’s all to break down the barriers to an early embrace of computer science.  Students, teachers, and administrators we work with say they have new understanding of how to make computer science accessible.

Who are the AlbanyCanCode students?

For the workforce classes, they are locals aged 18 to 60.  We screen for demonstrated aptitude and motivation; we

look for work ethic, problem solving and communication skills.

They are passionate, self-taught coders from numerous walks of life.  Almost-graduates of 4-year computer science programs; 2-year computer science degree holders; young and mid-career economists, geologists, mathematicians, IT staff, graphic designers, and marketing professionals.  Among our most gifted students… a videographer, a trumpet player, an ex-marine, and a dental hygienist.

How does an employer support AlbanyCanCode?

So many options!

Sponsor a few pizzas for our student workshops. Introduce staff who might want to lead a lab or code challenge in a mentor a workforce class meeting, or drop into a K12 activity. Invite us in to give a brown bag talk about non-traditional talent. Interview one of our graduates. Introduce us to your HR team. Write us a check. Talk to us about an internship program.

Can you connect us to talent?

The Talent section on this website is a sneak peek at some representative graduates. If you have a job to post or a project to staff, email

More than 180 people have applied to be students at AlbanyCanCode; we see a lot of talent from varied backgrounds, in different stages.  Among our applicants, we see technical writers, project managers, recruiters, designers, teachers, artists, IT professionals and database administrators.

Beyond the prospective students, dozens of software professionals –  developers in-between jobs, new to the area, or on sabbatical – have contacted us to ask about teaching and mentoring.  If you’re open to thinking out of the box, we might have a candidate for you.

How is AlbanyCanCode resourced?

Stakeholder engagement. If you share the vision of a talent-fueled tech sector in our region, you’re a stakeholder.  What are the opportunities? Challenges? Our very minimal staff coordinate and organize brainstorms, launch pilots where different stakeholders bring energy and resource to the table, measure and adjust. We’re not here to sell product or services; we’re here to be nimble, resourceful, and practical in solving problems as part of an ecosystem.

That said, we do cover some costs with income from tuition and from K12 projects. The rest of our costs are covered by sponsorships and grants.

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We’re changing mindset about who can be a technologist, and creating pathways to connect locat talent to local jobs. Your donation can help.

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