Who We Are

AlbanyCanCode was established in the summer of 2016 to serve two key stakeholder groups: local employers of software and IT professionals, and local folks who have the aptitude to work in software but lack local options for training. Our initial 12-week course in Front End Web Development attracted more than 80 applicants. A majority of the ten final students were income-qualified for a full grant of the $1,500 tuition. Following course completion in late January 2017, nearly half of our students have now been hired or are in the process of interviewing for internships at area software employers

By Fall 2016 we felt a need to respond to tremendous interest from our area K-12 educators. It’s logical that introduction of coding principles and practices throughout our region’s school systems will only make our local talent pipeline more inclusive and more expert.

Through 2018, we continue to work with numerous partners to build a community in which our software talent pipeline can grow.

Albany CanCode is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants, sponsorships, and income earned for workforce and K-12 program and curriculum and program development.

Dedicated to the vision of a talent-fueled local software sector

Our Vision

A vibrant, inclusive, talent-fueled tech sector in the Cap Region.  Help us make the vision a reality.

Our Mission

AlbanyCanCode works to build a more inclusive and vibrant tech talent pipeline and tech sector workforce in New York’s Capital Region. We partner with stakeholders – employers, educators and community – to create programs that reduce cultural and economic barriers to participating in the tech economy. Ultimately we work to shift mindset about who can work in technology, and to create open access to pathways to joining the tech economy.

Our History

Since 2016 we have been working to change mindset in the Cap Region about who can be a technologist; and about what software and tech overall mean for our region’s economy and families.

Albany Can Code Programs

What We've Piloted

Coding Classes for Adults

Technologists employed in software and IT may or may not have had formal education, certificates, a 2-year or 4-year degree. The one thing for certain is that they are all, to some extent, self-taught. Ask anyone in technology: being able to find and absorb a tutorial is a must-have skill.

We find aspiring technologists who have that drive to learn new things, the habits and attitudes that support ongoing learning, and the aptitude and passion for code.  Then, with in-person classes, we give them a solid foundation in the key technologies of a practice area in technology. Each class, led by an instructor, has self-study, labs, assignments, team projects, and interactions with mentors from area employers.

At present we offer two twelve week courses: Front End Web Development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, client side javascript, and adjacent tools such as jQuery, JSON, Angular, and Git); and Back End Web Development Fundamentals (server set-up; SQL and data modelling; node.js and js libraries; Git and adjacent technologies.)

We are always working on new curriculum for employer-aligned courses.  Automated testing, database programming, UX, and cybersecurity basics are among our possible 2018 course offerrings.

The PinDrop Project

Students and mentors working together to put the 518 tech and software sector on the map. Our evolving crew learning to build open source projects for public service needs. We take our cue here from the post-course completion internships that coding bootcamps in larger cities organize, and from the Code for America initiative.

If your non profit, agency or project has some data to organize, a little app to build – contact us about locating AlbanyCanCode alumni to code it for you.

K12 Consulting

Teacher training, in-class support, and instructional tools for elementary school students, designed to break barriers to an early embrace of computer science.  We work with districts to define objectives, empower allies, and overcome obstacles to educating a 21st century workforce.

Also…internships. We have projects that high school and college age students can work on to support our cause and gain practical knowledge and experience.

Meet Our People