We are accepting applications for our Fall 2019 cohort.


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About Us

Established in the summer of 2016,  AlbanyCanCode is a non profit that develops non-traditional talent and advocates for a vibrant, inclusive tech talent pipeline in our region. We design and deliver workforce training courses and hands-on K12 coding programs, in alignment with the needs of employers, educators, talent and the community in general.

The mission is to shift mindset about who can work in technology, remove cultural and economic barriers to joining the tech workforce, and establish and promote pathways to tech careers throughout the region.



Applications Open for Aspiring Web Developers and Testers

Longtime code colleagues Jamal and Matina, working on lesson plans for the Fall 2018 JS class

Calling all aspiring technologists to check out our Fall 2019 courses!  If you have an interest in working with web technologies, and the focus and patience to practice coding skills, now is the time to find out more and apply.

Get ready, fall classes start on September 16, 2019! 

JavsScript Fundamentals, our newest class, is perfect for a student with strong basic computer skills who is looking to get into coding. This class will introduce students to JavaScript and prepare them to excel in our revamped JavaScript Frameworks class when it’s next offered in the Spring of 2020. The JavaScript class instructor team of Matina Patsos and Jamal Taylor are software developers at local firms (Deep Blue Communications and Cengage Learning respectively.) They are excited about sharing the skills they use every day with local students.  Jamal is a US Navy veteran,  Albany Can Code alumnus, and huge fan of React.js. Matina is Jamal’s coding mentor from his days at Deep Blue. JavaScript Fundamentals will take place in Schenectady on Monday and Wednesday nights. 

We are also offering two sections of  Front End Web Development class, which is designed for a students newer to coding.  Applicants should be passionate about web and mobile design, and motivated to build webpages that are visually appealing and functionally engaging. FEWD will meet in Saratoga on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the Capital South Campus Center in Albany on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

If you missed our brand-new SQL/ETL class this summer, now is your chance to take it! Danielle Barker, Software Engineer III at MVP, is back to introduce students to how relational databases drive work and how to use them to access and manipulate data. This class is best for the intermediate student who has experience with basic programming languages like HTML and CSS. SQL/ETL will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays in Schenectady. 

Had your heart set on taking JavaScript Frameworks? Don’t worry, Matina and Jamal will be back to teach it starting in January 2020. The application is up, and if you need something more challenging than JavaScript Fundamentals, you can apply now. 

More information on each course and links to apply to each course are on this site.


We’re finding, skilling up overlooked talent, connecting them to technology jobs and changing lives. We’re educating K12 and community to change mindset about who can work in technology.  Your donation can help.