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About Us

Established in the summer of 2016,  AlbanyCanCode is a non profit that develops non-traditional talent and advocates for a vibrant, inclusive tech talent pipeline in our region. We design and deliver workforce training courses and hands-on K12 coding programs, in alignment with the needs of employers, educators, talent and the community in general.

The mission is to shift mindset about who can work in technology, remove cultural and economic barriers to joining the tech workforce, and establish and promote pathways to tech careers throughout the region.

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Featured Course: Front End Development

Front End Development Course at AlbanyCanCodeQ: What does a Front End Developer do?

A. The Front End developer is the critical link between, on one hand, how an online experience looks and feels, and on the other hand, how all the data that  users are entering or searching for is managed. Front End Developers build the bridges that connect a user to data; and make the difference between a series of ideas and sketches about an app, and the ability to get that app built.

A. What do Front End students do in this class?

B. Establish solid foundations in key tools of front end developers: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, client side JS frameworks, collaborative workplace tools including git. Learn how to talk to clients and back end developers so that everyone can get on the same page. Build the pieces of code that connect the user experience into the data-crunching processes of the back end.


We’re changing mindset about who can be a technologist, and creating pathways to connect local talent to local jobs. Your donation can help.